Kaijitsu Rider: Super Movie War (カイジツライダー:スーパーMOVIE大戦 Kaijitsuraidā: Sūpā Mūbī Taisen?) is the crossover film of Kaijitsu Rider, Pokemon, Toriko, Bayonetta, Mushrambo and Star Jewel which is the most characters was only the time.


Samuel's Nightmares

As he revealed that Neriza Joo is the daughter of Samuel "Nakaoka" Joo and Cereza (known as Bayonetta),

Meeting Cereza

Attacked by the Time Traveling Beast

Utsusemimaru and Ryuko's Son


Beast Riders

Orange Blast Agido Joo
Gold Lemon Ichigo Inui (a son of Takumi Inui and Love Momozono)
Armored Grape Uchty Matoi (a son of Utsusemimaru and Ryuko Matoi)

The Nitros

Cherry Orange Cherrys
Navy Orange Berrystro
Chinese Orange Ryustro
Sound Orange Soundtro


  • Roho Joo
  • Melk the Second
  • Wise God Torin
  • Kasuza (Samuel's Ying)
  • Madaio (a master of Generation Beasts and mentor of Kurama)
  • Doctor Ulshade
  • Captain Marvelous
  • Asuna
  • Chibibon/Bondos
  • Neriza Joo


The Crews

  • Shadow the Knight (originally as his dark energy-like being before seperating with Marine Lady Makuria and the strange mist appeared on Agido and his friends)
  • Eustace (co-leader)
  • Dr. Mikoto (co-leader)
  • Darkros (co-leader)
  • Luika (Samuel's Yang)
  • Commander Zog
  • Professor Vice

Horen Faction

Stink Durian Head Chef Horen
Laser Raspberry Rider Hunter Saiyer
Planetary Pitaya Planet Hunter Odrago
Rage Lemonade Darkness Hunter Maoryugami
Aqua Neptune Marine Lady Makuria
Crimson Butterfly Blood Hunter Gaojin
Gold Dragon Magic Hunter Solda



  • Bayonetta
  • Luke
  • Cereza
  • Past Samuel "Nakaoka" Joo


Star Jewel

Kamen Rider OOO

Viewtiful Joe

Movie-exclusive Villains

Original characters

  • Xenaras the Time Traveler Beast/Mugeos Rider (a time-traveling Beast from alternate timeline who destroys Alternate Kabuto World and used the Dark LockSeed to transform after accessing Samuel and Tsukasa's evil Rider forms)
  • Carnivorous Ibves (An absorbing Inves who forced-evolved from red Ibves when Xenaras using Zector Clock Up Tech to evolves then forcing to absorb their powers of evil)



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