Jaguar Undead
Jaguar Undead
Episode: Episode 6
Episode 10
Season: Kamen Rider Spade Warrior
Jaguar Undead Rouze Card

The Jaguar Undead a high speed Undead who runs over his victims; Heart Warrior first fought the monster, only for him to escape before being sealed. The Jaguar Undead later encounters the Spider Undead, whose very presence scares him into finding Shirley & wounding her. Ray Agema arrives in time to save her before transforming into Spade Warrior to fight the Undead. Once able to counter the Jaguar Undead's high speed, Spade Warrior manages to seal him. Later, the Jaguar Undead was briefly unsealed by Club Warrior before Diamond Warrior & Spade Warrior reseal him together.

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