Episodes: Episode 1
Season: Kamen Rider Echo Demon
Prince & Princess of the Ictinike

The Ictinike is the giant type spider Makamou with the features of a tiger, rarely seen in southern environments. It first emerged & was destroyed by Echo Demon's Flame Barrage.

Prince & Princess

The first Prince & Princess parent pairing seen in the series, feeding the Ictinike humans whom they capture in their webs. Hearing of a Ictinike somewhere in the country, Hibiki destroys the Prince while his female counterpart later attempted to offer Josh Morrow to her Ictinike child, only to end up being devoured by it.

Another pair were later evolved by the "Armored" Black Puppet Princess along with their Armed Ictinike child.



According to Lakota, Plains, & Sioux mythology, Ictinike, also known as Ikto, Iktomi, Inktomi, & Unktome, is a spider trickster god of war, treachery, & mischief.[1]

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