Appears in Kamen Rider: Hex
Position Japan
Size Unknown
Population Unknown
Status Intact
First Appearance: Unknown
Last Appearance: Unknown
Number of Episode Appearances: Unknown

Hizashi is a Japanese city, hometown of Kamen Rider Scarab, and the starting point of Witch Lapis Lazuli's invasion.


Hizashi was a thriving (and corrupt) trade city in the 1800's, until an earthquake destroyed most of it. Although it was rebuilt, it never returned to its former heights, probably thanks to poor harvests from the farms surrounding it, and a general stubbornness against technology. In World War II it was dedicated to munitions and airplane-building, but now most of those factories are abandoned.

In the present, Hizashi is poor and a bit overcrowded, also somewhat polluted. Most people rely on the city bus system and trains rather than cars. It has a small historic district in the north, and the wealthier inhabitants live on the eastern side of town.

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