Hadrian Kingston
Gender: Male
Villain Type: Leader
Season: Kamen Rider Spade Warrior
Affiliation: BOARD (Formerly)
Himself (Currently)
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Episode 24
Last Appearance: Episode 29
Number of Episode Appearances: 6
Undead Kerberos II
220px-Kerberos 2

Kerberos Undead Rouze Card

Hadrian Kingston is the chairman of BOARD who intentionally set up the series of events in the fake Battle Fight & the creation of the Category Ace Kerberos, so that he could have his "dream" come true: this warped dream being of a new world order with himself as its ruler.

Kerberos II Undead

Kingston sealed the Kerberos Undead himself into the Change Kerberos card for his true plan: Using a surgically graft device based on the Rider System technology to fuse with his creation, becoming Kerberos II with Kingston's face on the monster's chest.

It took all 4 Riders to fight Kerberos II, with Spade Warrior King Form's Royal Straight Flush & Wild Heart Warrior's Wild Cyclone only able to reverse the fusion. However, the Giraffa Undead takes the Change Kerberos for himself in the fight's aftermath for his own agenda. In the end, he was seemingly murdered by the Giraffa Undead after he was defeated by the Riders with his dreams shattered.

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