Green Clover

180px-Leangle using Green Clover

Club Warrior riding the Green Clover

The Green Clover is a special hyper-performance motorbike developed by Hayden (the Peacock Undead) with specified design aspects catering to the specifications of the Club Warrior Rider System. Developed by the captive B.O.A.R.D. scientists, the specs that Green Clover was based upon are virtually identical to the specs found on the blueprints used to constructed B.O.A.R.D's original bike series, & as such has limited Rouzer capability. This feature allows the Rider to further augment certain aspects of the bike's performance levels.

Performance Modes

Blizzard Clover

  • Cards Required: Blizzard Polar (6): This special performance mode is activated with the use of the 6: "Blizzard Polar" card. This augments the Clover's offensive capabilities with a deep-freezing barrier.

See Also

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