Gekijoban Samuel VS. Series (劇場版サムエル対シリーズ Gekijōban Samueru Tai Shirīzu?) is the Pokemon's movie where Samuel goes fight against movie villainous Beasts alone. This movie was Samuel, the main character who transform into Beast Mode to battle the villainous Beasts from invasions.


After the Sentai VS. Series was announced, this movie can also announce used Pokemon called Gekijoban Samuel VS. Series. The first off is Gekijoban Samuel: The Movie, but without villain Beasts.

List of the Movies

  1. Gekijoban Samuel: The Movie
  2. Gekijoban Samuel vs. Thunder Villainous Sparkiz
  3. Gekijoban Samuel vs. Valley of Destruction Magyuko
  4. Gekijoban Samuel vs. Spirit of Woods Shizuri
  5. Gekijoban Samuel vs. Majas: The Dark Priestess
  6. Gekijoban Samuel vs. Burning Pierce Doreka
  7. Gekijoban Samuel vs. Blossum Demon Sakuras
  8. Gekijoban Samuel vs. The White Shadow: Sharde
  9. Gekijoban Samuel vs. Jet of Stream Jetres
  10. Gekijoban Samuel X The Destruction of Time Iskaos
  11. Gekijoban Samuel X Cloned of Samuel: Raios
  12. Gekijoban Samuel, Arceus Conquerer and Bihibijon: Awakening of Bonds
  13. Gekijoban Samuel X Hellslander Priestess Jiu
  14. Gekijoban Samuel X Burning Hearts HEATrt/Lightning Hearts LIGHTrt
  15. Gekijoban Samuel X The Land of Frozen: Blizzar
  16. Gekijoban Mega Samuel vs. Super Genetic Clone: Rapita

Pokemon-like Movies series

  1. Gekijoban Samuel: Prelude (before event of Singular Rider S)
  2. Gekijoban Samuel: 2000 (continuation to Godzilla 2000 and Godzilla vs. Megaguirus)
  3. Gekijoban Samuel: Goodbye My Friend, We Will Meet Again (continuation to Goseiger and before Beasts Era)


  • This movie was all canon because they didn't have special events nor Super Sentai Movies.

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