Gasuto (ガスト Gasuto?) is the Beast Memory's Liver Mode.



After the invasion of the Beasts, Samuel was strucked by new life of BEASTs new planet and finally change his heart.

List of Gasuto

Leader Guardians

These Guardians were almighty and powerful, key to used the might. However, one of them was not the member is Lohime. She was the master of Leader Guardians and Samuel's main partner. Unfortunately, all four of Leader Guardians were lost after the final fight, so Lohime could stand alone before she goes asleep until the four Guardians were revived. After the four Guardians were revived, she still doesn't awakened within her sleep yet. She was now first appeared in the bottom in the lake after her awakening and Samuel's memories was finally fully restored by Agido's song. While the four Gaurdians were revived, there is one more Guardian who can stay in another world called Goldras. However, Samuel left his team and find his true partner Melendy.

  1. Melendy - Creator of Leader Guardians (partnered with Samuel "Nakaoka" Joo)
    1. Lohime - Master of Leader Guardians (co-partnered with Samuel "Nakaoka" Joo)
      1. Ryugamashii - Lord of the North Magma: Battle Gaurdian (partnered with Jinpachi)
      2. Aliasu - Lord of the Western Jungle: Sparrow Guardian (partnered with J)
      3. Magiras - Lord of the Queen Sea: Seal Guardian (partnered with Daido)
      4. Yashimaii - Lord of the Shinken Desert: Zen Guardian (partnered with Torin)
      5. Goldras - Lord of the King Crown. (partnered with Rapheal/Phantom R)

Battle Guardians

These Guardians were standard ground battle Beasts used from Gosei Powers.

  1. Zerogaruku
  2. Gushugami
  3. Zuzumaru
  4. Koukoushuku
  5. Crimsoon
  6. Chaserang
  7. Kilryu
  8. Allotorcher
  9. Smoocham
  10. Puregia

Sparrow Guardians

These Guardians were sky attack Beasts used from Gosei Powers.

  1. Bashurant
  2. Tusknoir
  3. Sproutaing
  4. Pusspoo
  5. Sweeting
  6. Tynail
  7. Eviranda

Seal Guardians

These Guardians were sage Beasts used from Core Medals and Gosei Powers.

  1. Tobpain
  2. Xzeen
  3. Nysharyu
  4. Vamporeon
  5. Magnes

Zen Guardians

These Guardians were strong and capability Beasts used from Core Medals.

  1. Dentimer
  2. Scopinia
  3. Dimendroder
  4. Impoise

Bruteful Guardians

These Guardians were powerful and special type-like Gosei Angels. However, they were not original Guardians but special elemental Beasts used from combined powers of Skick, Seaick, Landick and Knightick.

Child Guardians

These Guardians were have a child while the female Guardians birth.

  1. Zarths (she was daughter of Wauo)
    1. Chibon

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