Former Shadow Knight Desun (元の影騎士デスン Moto no Kagekishi Desun?) was the primary antagonist in Kaijitsu Rider x DokiDoki Pretty Cure: Gekijoban Goodbye, DokiDoki Cures! Farewell as the Future. She was originally named Priestess Shadow Knight Desung (巫女影騎士デスング Miko Kagekishi Desungu?) created by Shadow the Knight in energy form, but kicked out by his crazed creator. Angered by Shadow's crazed actions, she enraged and become rogue to destroy both Shadow and Samuel. After Shadow died, she purges her temper and faces her mortal target Samuel "Nakaoka" Joo.


She was once as the Priestess title created by Shadow, but crazed event undoing. She was kicked out and become rogue Shadow Knight to prepare kill Samuel and Shadow alone.

After Shadow dies, the rogue Shadow Knight sent to the past and get the Daikenmaru, used to kill Samuel. She sent to the present to kill Samuel, but Agido protecting his ancestor and nearly killed him. She escaped from the present timeline before Drazetron get her to the future.

While Drazetron goes on the future where future DokiDoki Precure World and all grown-up DokiDoki Cures before Desun forced to used LockSeeds to summons Ibveses. After her minions was defeated by Drazetron's Flying Special Hissatsu Stream, she takes adult Aida Mana to steal her Cure powers. However, she was stopped by Drazetron while her servants was destroyed by four adult Cures and tried to defeat her but she used her strange powers to stop him. While she stops him, she was revealed that she is the Priestess Shadow Knight and created by Shadow but she was kicked out by Shadow, toying with her as a weakest monster then anger at his action, She goes on her rampage and prepare to kill Samuel and Shadow, but after he died, she holds her grip and used her anger to purge her body. While she still in rage, she saw the tiny bit of energy then grips it to revive and revealed to be Samuel's former Singular Rider S Evil form then makes her personal Rider form much her gratefully.



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