The Five Assassin Riders were the third villainous team lead by Samuel "Nakaoka" Joo after he betrayed his families and comrades. He also recruits into new comrades is the returning allies and villains. Samuel stoles the prototype Genesis Driver to rebuilt into Ibves Driver to transform into Ibves Rider, the Ibves' surge armor contained of any Ibves.


Singular Rider Samuel "Nakaoka" Joo (after betrayed when his true past was revealed)
War Rider Ciel Phantomhive
Game Rider Tsukihito Amanuma
Sniper Rider Kaname Hagiri
Dual Rider Earl Alois Trancy (Revealed he was survived when his fake death)


The Assassins

When Samuel betrayed his families and comrades, he revealed was the leader of Assassin Riders that he consumes three Energy Riders (Ryoma, Sid and Yoko) even Kizaki to gather enough to become the ultimate Beast calling themselve as "Pathetic Scientists".

Reformed Again

After Calrem's Chibibon evolved, he accept to fight against his decendant to perish. However, Calrem cries at Samuel "Nakaoka" to halt his final attack.


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