Feudal Riders
Number: 7
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Intro: Feudal Riders/Theme Song
Adapted from: Kamen Rider Gaim
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Producer: RedLegend1
Production Order
Astro Rider
Auto Rider

Feudal Riders is the fifth installment to the American Neo-Rider Series and the seventh Rider adaptation overall. It is the first installment to take place after the events of Power Rider. It'll be based on Kamen Rider Gaim.


During the tenure of Astro Rider, a group of ten (twelve later on) friends, nicknamed the Feudals, go on a field trip to the Zeron City Museum. While they were there, they find strange looking belts, locks, and a mysterious object which transports them to a strange looking stadium. There, they meet the Feudal Overlords who tell them that they have been chosen to participate in the Feudal Games. Each teen goes through a series of challenges against other opponents as part of the games. The Feudals, led by Dylan Nicholson, later make it into the next round in which it is revealed that they can now transform into the Feudal Riders. Each Rider is then teleported to different regions of the Feudal Forest where they battle numerous monsters.

Once they defeat all the monsters, the Riders are transported back to the Feudal Stadium for the final round. However, the final round is revealed to be a little more than what they bargained for when they realized that they would be fighting each other. The Feudals decide to battle anyways and are transported back to the Feudal Forest for the final battle. The Feudals transform into the Feudal Riders and fight each other. Dylan (Feudal Rider Orange) then finds one of the cracks in the Feudal Forest during his battle against Andrew Gordon (Feudal Rider Bana) and all of them successfully escape from the games and return to Zeron City at the cost of all the Feudal Riders, except for Dylan, losing their Lockseeds.

Over time, the friendship between most of the Feudals have started to deteriorate.

Two years later, because of the large company, S.C.P. setting up shop in Zeron; the community started to become more like a castle town. To escape the feeling of being under castle authority, dance crews were formed by young people, each named after a different Feudal Rider, to bring joy back to the public.

The Feudal Overlords then begin to create cracks in reality that bring monsters called Feudalites from the Feudal Forest to capture the Feudal Riders and bring them back to the Feudal Stadium to finish the games. Fortunately, one of the Feudal Overlords hated that his comrades made the young teens participate in these games and had allied himself with the Feudals and creates more locks for the Feudals to use. Now, Dylan and the other Feudals must now battle these monsters and end the threat of the Feudal Overlords for good.


Armored Riders

Feudal Rider Orange Dylan Nicholson
Feudal Rider Bana Andrew Gordon
Feudal Rider Drago Luke Johnston
Dark Rider Drago
Feudal Rider Melon Allen Stephenson ►◄ Sid Stephenson
Feudal Rider Viking Beau Jackson
Feudal Rider Ninjetti Akira Tao
Feudal Rider Gladiator Alfonzo Martinez
Feudal Rider Knuckle Zack Moore
Dark Rider Fifteen Ren Quince
Feudal Rider Blood Orange Feudal Emperor Ren
Feudal Rider Emperor
Feudal Rider Gold Knight Goldos
Feudal Rider Silver Samurai Lapis
Dark Rider Samurai Dylan Nicholson ► Feudal Emperor Ren
Dark Rider Ringo Ringa
Feudal Rider Taboo ?
Feudal Rider Saver ?
Dark Rider Bana ?

Energy Riders

Feudal Rider Canta Allen StephensonSid StephensonLuke Johnston ► Allen Stephenson
Feudal Rider Lemon Victor Marshall
Feudal Rider Cherry Aaron DelTorro
Feudal Rider Peach Emma Tao
Feudal Rider Ninjetti Akira Tao
Feudal Rider Tyrant Tyronne Magna


  • Maye Bloomfield
  • DJ Revo
  • Faye
  • Legendary Riders
    • Masked Rider Warriors
Masked Rider Dex Stewart
Masked Rider Warrior Leader Monoghan
Masked Rider Warrior 2 Dosm
Masked Rider V3 Trey
Riderman Quataro
Masked Rider X Falk
Masked Rider Amazon Xisis
Strongman Sven
Skyrider Ochoa
Masked Rider Super-V Vernon
Masked Rider Z-Cross Dien
  • Kamen Riders
Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Kit Taylor
Kamen Rider Wing Knight Len
Kamen Rider Incisor Ian
Kamen Rider Torque Chance ► Drew Lansing ► Chance
Kamen Rider Camo Van
Kamen Rider Strike Pryce ► James Trademore ► Pryce
Kamen Rider Thrust Cameron ► Brad Barrett ► Cameron
Kamen Rider Sting Quinn ► Chris Ramirez ► Quinn
Kamen Rider Axe Hunt
Kamen Rider Spear Chase
Kamen Rider Siren Kase
Kamen Rider Wrath Nolan
Kamen Rider Onyx Trent Moseley
  • Neo-Riders
Power Rider Marty Brown
Beast Rider Emmett Lloyd
Duo Rider
Philip & Sam Holmes
AcceleRider Drake Watson
Mono Rider Joker Sam Holmes
Trio Rider
Evan Holmes
Mach Rider J.D. Mendoza
Mach Rider Proto Marco Gonzalez
Astro Rider Marcus Armstrong
Star Rider Neil Aldrin
Auto Rider Dash Roberts


Feudal Overlords

  • Major Overlords
Ryuso Ryuso
Demushu Demushu
Gredi Gredi
  • Minor Overlords
    • Dyonshu
    • Grinsha
    • Tortuga


  • Skulloids
  • Deer Feudalites
  • Fang Bats
  • Boarons
  • Drakkens
  • Beetle Feudalites
  • Leons
  • Goat Feudalites


Feudal Rider Ninjetti Ninjetti Troopers

Feudal World Rider Incarnations

Feudal Power Rider Feudal Power Rider
Feudal Beast Rider Feudal Beast Rider
Feudal Astro Rider Feudal Astro Rider
Feudal Star Rider Feudal Star Rider
Feudal Nova Rider Feudal Nova Rider
Feudal Trio Rider
Feudal Trio Rider
Feudal Mach Rider Feudal Mach Rider
Feudal Duo Rider
Feudal Duo Rider
Feudal AcceleRider Feudal AcceleRider
Feudal Rider Dragon Knight Feudal Rider Dragon Knight
Feudal Rider Wing Knight Feudal Rider Wing Knight
Feudal Rider Incisor Feudal Rider Incisor
Feudal Rider Torque Feudal Rider Torque
Feudal Rider Camo Feudal Rider Camo
Feudal Rider Strike Feudal Rider Strike
Feudal Rider Thrust Feudal Rider Thrust
Feudal Rider Sting Feudal Rider Sting
Feudal Rider Axe Feudal Rider Axe
Feudal Rider Spear Feudal Rider Spear
Feudal Rider Siren Feudal Rider Siren
Feudal Rider Wrath Feudal Rider Wrath
Feudal Rider Onyx Feudal Rider Onyx
Feudal Masked Rider Feudal Masked Rider
Feudal Rider Warrior Leader Feudal Rider Warrior Leader
Feudal Rider Warrior 2 Feudal Rider Warrior 2
Feudal Rider V3 Feudal Rider V3
Feudal Riderman Feudal Riderman
Feudal Rider X Feudal Rider X
Feudal Rider Amazon Feudal Rider Amazon
Feudal Strongman Feudal Strongman
Feudal Skyrider Feudal Skyrider
Feudal Rider Super-V Feudal Rider Super-V
Feudal Rider Z-Cross Feudal Rider Z-Cross


Titles in italics are temporary.

  1. Transform! The Orange from the Sky!?
  2. Certain Kill! Pine Kick!
  3. Shock! The Rival's Banana Transformation!?
  4. Drago's Birth
  5. Revival! Ichigo Arms of Friendship!
  6. Wild Gladiator
  7. Great Ball Watermelon, Big Bang!
  8. Baron's New Power, Mango!
  9. The Monster Inves Capture Battle!
  10. Rider Great Assembly! Revealing the Mystery of the Forest!
  11. The Truth Behind the Christmas Game
  12. New Generation of Riders Appear!
  13. Gaim and Baron, Tag of Friendship!
  14. The Secret of Helheim's Fruits
  15. Meeting With a Lemon
  16. Power of the Samurai
  17. The Peach Rider, Marika, Descends!
  18. Among the Accused
  19. The Gifted Secret Weapon
  20. The Invasion Begins with the End of the World
  21. Yggdrasill's Secret
  22. The Truth of One-Seventh
  23. Shogun Power
  24. The New Formidable Enemy: Over Lord
  25. Gridon and Bravo, the Strongest Tag
  26. Baron's Genesis Transformation!
  27. When You Know the Truth...
  28. Backstabbed
  29. The Over Lord King
  30. Cybertron
  31. The Forbidden Fruit
  32. Rider's Ultimatum
  33. A Feudal Reunion
  34. The King's Power and the Queen's Resurrection
  35. Luke's Ark
  36. Brother's End! Zangetsu vs. Zangetsu Shin!
  37. Baron's Soccer Showdown Summer Camp!


  • This is the first Neo-Rider season to not share it's name with it's Japanese counterpart, followed by Fury Rider.