Dragon Knight: Return of the Dragon is a movie that serves as another epilogue for Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight.


Years after his defeat by the Kamen Riders, Xaviax returns once again to plot revenge on the Kamen Riders. He is able to gain control of Trent Moseley, a close friend of Kit Taylor (Kamen Rider Dragon Knight) & member of the No-Men, & uses him to become Kamen Rider Onyx. With the Onyx powers, Xaviax (as Trent) vents all of the Ventarran Riders and heavily cripples Eubulon. Now Kit, Len (Kamen Rider Wing Knight), and Eubulon must re-recruit the Earth Riders to help deal with Xaviax & to save Trent. While they're attempting to do so, Xaviax introduces to them his new recruit & right-hand Rider: Mark Hernandez, a corrupt young man with a dark & tragic past who becomes Kamen Rider Jaws and defeats and vents Len in battle, forcing Kit to search for Len's earth counterpart.


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Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Kit Taylor
Kamen Rider Wing Knight Len ► Jason Oliver ► Len
Kamen Rider Incisor Ian ► Richie Preston ► Ian
Kamen Rider Torque Chance ► Drew Lansing ► Chance
Kamen Rider Camo Van ► Grant Staley ► Van
Kamen Rider Strike Pryce ► James Trademore ► Pryce
Kamen Rider Thrust Cameron ► Brad Barrett ► Cameron
Kamen Rider Sting Quinn ► Chris Ramirez ► Quinn
Kamen Rider Axe Hunt ► Danny Cho ► Hunt
Kamen Rider Spear Chase ► Albert Cho ► Chase
Kamen Rider Siren Kase ► Maya Young ► Kase
Kamen Rider Wrath Nolan ► Vic Frasier ► Nolan
Kamen Rider Onyx Trent Moseley
Kamen Rider Shark Knight Mark Hernandez
Advent Master Eubulon


  • Lacey Sheridan
  • Michelle Walsh
  • Frank Taylor
  • Agent Phillips
  • Sarah
  • Adam
  • Detective Grimes
  • Grace Kiefer


  • Xaviax
  • Minions
  • White Minions
  • Mirror Monsters

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