Gender: Male
Villain Type: Monster
Season: Kamen Rider Echo Demon
Affiliation: Prince & Princess of the Dragon
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Episode 18
Last Appearance: Episode 18
Number of Episode Appearances: 1

The Dragon is the most powerful of the Makamou, & was last seen in the Black Hills War. With the aid of its Parents, the Dragon eats an ideal maiden once a year, forcing the villagers to sacrifice their daughter to quell the Makamou's wrath when its castle raises from the sea. Though its fate was never revealed, the Dragon was defeated by the Demons when the first Echo Demon used the Armed Saber to fight it.

Another Dragon appeared in modern times, attacking people at a beach & hospitalizing Hibiki. But Josh researched the "Black Hills Dragon" event & managed to find the Armed Saber for Hibiki to use as his predecessor had, killing the Dragon as Echo Demon in Armed Form with the Sound Attack Blade: Fierce Demon Arousal.

Prince & Princess

These two appeared during the Black Hills War, prior to the formation of FIERCE when they oversee a Dragon whose care they are entrusted with. The Prince & Princess wore attire somewhat similar to feudal era mistress & samurai with broken demon masks on their faces, able to fly like Will-o'-the-wisps & use pyrokinesis. They were killed both by the Demons.

See Also

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