Diana Fairchild
Gender: Female
Series: Kamen Rider Echo Demon
Motif: Demon
Rider Type: Heroine
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Episode 4
Last Appearance: Episode 28
Number of Episode Appearances:
Transformed Diana

Diana Fairchild briefly transformed into what was called Transformed Diana by the Echo Demon production crew after she used her Demon Flute to transform.

Diana Fairchild

She is Ibuki's apprentice. Her parents were killed by Makamou & only chose to become a Demon in her quest for revenge. She was briefly taken as an apprentice by Shuki due to their similarities but her temporary master had no qualms about sacrificing her to kill the Malsumis. Fortunately, Zanki was able to save her. During her training, she was able to transform into a Demon in an attempt to save Ibuki. She eventually chose to give up her goal of being a Demon & resumed a normal life.


Transformed Diana's suit is a reused Kamen Rider Bullet Demon suit without the chest armor.


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