Decade Rider is the third installment in my version of the Kamen Rider series.


After witnessing the death of his parents and Riderman, _______ goes into a deep depression when he stumbles upon the Hikari studio. The Hiakri studio is a mass of dimensional energy and can transport someone to any dimension. In the studio ______ meets Natsumi a young girl from another dimmension. She later explains that in her dimension evil takes a physical monstrous form soo it can reek havoc to the world, but good energy also has a physical form that in manifests on a chosen human turning him into a rider. However, recently evil energy has created dark rider that have taken over the world, and sent the rider powers somewhere deep into other dimensions. The humans on that world have now created their own rider belt, but the dark riders have learned of this and are now trying to destroy it. On the run from the dark rider with the belt, Natsumi takes refuge in the Hikari Studio. Now she's in ______'s world. Believing he can't do anything else and wanting to escape his world _______ decides to become Decade and travel to the other worlds and retrieve the powers.



The 11 Dimensions


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