Centipede Undead
Centipede Undead
Episodes: Episode 3
Episode 10
Episode 11
Season: Kamen Rider Spade Warrior
Centipede Undead Rouze Card

The Centipede Undead is a chain wielding Undead that appeared in the Echoing Cave, attacking those who enter & infecting them with his fever-induced poison. Among his victims was Ada Chastain, who had to be quickly taken to the hospital. Learning of this, Dirk Trent ran to get the antidote with Ray Agema following as Diamond Warrior attempts to seal the Undead. While Spade Warrior is forced to hold Diamond Warrior off, Heart Warrior seals the Undead after he manages to slash off the centipede sticking on the Undead's right shoulder, the antidote to the Undead's poison. The Centipede Undead was unsealed by Club Warrior three times over the series.

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