Cartwright High School is a school located near Cooper Gardens in the center of Leone.


Cartwright High School is an architectural mixture of Japanese, American and British schools. The classrooms have desks with transparent touchscreen interfaces for tests and assignments and a "virtual chalkboard" for teachers to use during lessons. The gymnasium is built from the remains of a football stadium fitted with a variety of equipment including kendo, fencing, gymnastics, basketball, soccer, baseball and tennis.

Students wear unisex style uniforms with beige pants and a blue vest with the school's emblem covering a white long sleeve shirt. According to the school's dress code, female students are not permitted to wear skirts. (a rule that Mari breaks frequently)


  • Principal Landon
  • Mr. Reid
  • Mrs. Arness
  • Mr. Reynolds
  • Ms. Tanaka
  • Emily Ito
  • Oki Fuijimura
  • Ms. Bennett



  • The school and its principal are references to the classic TV western Bonanza

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