Auto Rider
Number: 8
Number of episodes:
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Intro: Auto Rider/Theme Song
Adapted from: Kamen Rider Drive
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Producer: RedLegend1
Production Order
Feudal Riders
Fury Riders

Auto Rider is the sixth installment to the American Neo-Rider Series and the eighth Rider adaptation overall. It'll be based on Kamen Rider Drive.


Life in Autopia is as peaceful as can be. Advances in modern technology has helped to make life better for its citizens. However, the mysterious and sinister Zenjox Computer Network corrupts the technology and uses it to create the perfect city, then plans to use it to create the perfect world: a world without conflict, inequality, divorce, unemployment, injustice...or choice. Meanwhile, a young teenager with super speed breaks into his father's company, Biolab, in order to find the equipment that his father had created to combat the threats of the Zenjox Virus. Together, with his friends from Team Drive and the Metro Police Department, he becomes the hope for the world, Auto Rider.



Auto Rider Dash Roberts
Moto Rider Mach Axel Diggs
Auto Rider (Proto Form) Chase Roberts Dash Roberts (temporarily)
Moto Rider Mech Chase Roberts
Auto Rider Gold Dean Roberts
Dark Rider Lupin Pierre Alfonso Dean Roberts Zenjox Virus
Moto Troopers Various Unknown Users


Masked Rider Warrior 3 Trice
Masked Rider Warrior 4 Avian
Auto Rider Neo Ethan Roberts Paradoxa


Team Drive

  • Tommy Earnhardt
  • Danica Long
  • Jackie Johnson
  • Ernie Patrick
  • David Busch

Autopia Bio-Lab

  • Dr. Malik Cromwell
  • Dr. Alicia Frowman

Autopia Metro Police Department

  • Michael Long
  • Mark Bolas
  • Linda Peniski
  • Matt Hidari
  • Shotaro Jones


Masked Rider Dex Stewart
Masked Rider (Mode Black)
Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Kit Taylor
Kamen Rider Wing Knight Len
Kamen Rider Thrust Brad Barrett ► Cameron
Power Rider Marty Brown
Beast Rider Emmett Lloyd
Feudal Rider Orange Dylan Nicholson
Feudal Rider Bana Andrew Gordon
Feudal Rider Drago Luke Johnston
Feudal Rider Melon Sid Stephenson
Feudal Rider Canta Allen Stephenson


  • Mighty Morphin
Red Ranger Jason Lee ScottIcon-crosswiki
Green Ranger Tommy OliverIcon-crosswiki
  • Time Force
Time Force Red Wesley CollinsIcon-crosswiki
Time Force Pink Jen ScottsIcon-crosswiki
Time Force Blue Lucas KendallIcon-crosswiki
Time Force Yellow Katie WalkerIcon-crosswiki
Time Force Green TripIcon-crosswiki
Quantum Ranger Eric MyersIcon-crosswiki
  • Element Fury
Element Fury Red Z.J.Icon-crosswiki
Element Fury Blue David TrumpIcon-crosswiki
Element Fury Yellow Hector MartinezIcon-crosswiki
Element Fury White Kylie WyldeIcon-crosswiki
Element Fury Pink Angie FamilleIcon-crosswiki
Storm Fury Gold Spike SkullovitchIcon-crosswiki


Mech Warrior Chase Roberts Dean Roberts


The series is divided into four story arcs.

  • The Battle Begins: The story is set up (Exposition) (Episodes 1-10)
  • Secrets Revealed: Dash's father is found and his intentions/secrets are revealed (Episodes 11-20)
  • Attack of the Bots: Zenjox and his generals prepare for an all-out battle against the Riders (Rising Action) (Episodes 21-30)
  • Abandoned: The city has become abandoned and the Riders and Attack-Bots engage in an all-out war (Climax, Falling Action, and Resolution) (Episodes 31-40)
  1. Get in Gear
  2. Revved Up
  3. Building Revelations
  4. Brother Battles
  5. Bringing The Heat
  6. The Darkest Secrets Part 1
  7. The Darkest Secrets Part 2
  8. The Struggle is Real
  9. Turbo Charged
  10. Leveling Up
  11. Rebuilt & Reborn
  12. The Loose Connection
  13. Exodus Part 1
  14. Exodus Part 2
  15. The Silent City
  16. The Finish Line Part 1
  17. The Finish Line Part 2


  • This is the first Rider season to have a full transformation sequence for the Riders.
  • This is the first season with a one-hour season premiere.
  • Much of the show's storyline comes directly from its Power Rangers counterpart, Power Rangers RPMIcon-crosswiki.