Adam Steele

 EDIT SHARE----  [1]Adam Steele is Ryan's long lost brother who is also the legendary Cybertron, which was later used by his brother Ryan as his first VR Trooper form.


[show]==Character History== After the disappearance of their father Tyler, Adam & Ryan went their separated ways, with Adam under the care of Tao Chong, who would later go on to become the VR Troopers' sensei. It was revealed that Tao was the one who gave Adam the ability to become Cybertron. After defeating Grimlord's army, Adam went off, never to be heard of again. Adam somehow left some info that what inspired Professor Hart to create the VR Troopers.


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  • Virtualizer
  • Video Transmitter

Arsenal & Techniques

Laser Fist Command


Laser Fist Command

The Laser Fist Command is used by Adam Steele in times of emergency when he needs to deliver the villain a harsh blow to the enemy to finish him of he charges up all his power into his hand.  

Lightning Laser Command


Lightning Laser Command

The Lighting Laser Command, also known as the Lightning Hand Command, is used by Adam Steele which powers his arm with lighting that slices through the enemy & serves to destroy the foe.  

Internal Gyro Command

The Internal Gyro Command enhances Adam Steele's kick with powerful energy to give a deadly blow to his opponents.  





Frank also portrayed Tommy Oliver (Green Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers).