Ada Chastain
Gender: Female
Ally Type; Support
Season: Kamen Rider Spade Warrior
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Episode 1
Last Appearance: Episode 33
Number of Episode Appearances: 33
Ada Chastain (teen)

Ada Chastain is Hayley's nine year-old daughter & Ken's niece. She is a rude girl who has feelings for Dirk. She also treats her own uncle, Ken, as a small idiot, even calls him by name. Her age is 9 years old, but had her 10th birthday later on. She is the reason Dirk discovers what it means to be human.

Four years later, near the end of the series, a selfish Ada had forsaken Dirk & became a rebellious delinquent at age thirteen. Albino Joker uses her for the Vanity Card but is saved by Dirk.

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