Abner Bell
Gender: Male
Villain Type: Leader
Season: Kamen Rider 555
Affiliation: Himself
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Episode 23
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode Appearances: 14
Arch Orphnoch

Abner Bell, also known as Arch Orphnoch or the Orphnoch King. He is an orphaned boy rescued by Saral Seymour. Unknown to everyone, he's the most powerful Orphnoch in Kamen Rider 555.


Kamen Rider 555

Rescued & Orphaned

An anti-social young boy who was orphaned when his parents died in a fire caused by the Barnacle Orphnoch. Abner was placed in the Age of Discovery Children's Home orphanage run by Smart Brain until Saral took him to his home & later stayed & lived in Kendrick's laundry mat, unaware of his immense power.

Rise of the Orphnoch King

Abner soon began to act strangely & was eventually revealed to be the Orphnoch King. Whenever Abner blacks out, the Orphnoch persona emerges from his shadow to consume the lifeforce of Orphnoch, in which to fully mature. After being taken by Carter, Abner eventually transformed completely into the Arch Orphnoch which caused the Orphnoch King to take over his body thanks to Jordan Midgley who fully awakens him by offering his life. Fully awakened, the Arch Orphnoch fully evolved Anissa much to Jack's fright after beating Phi. It took Carter's sacrifice & Phi Blaster Form's Blaster Crimson Smash to defeat the Arch Orphnoch.

Post Battle

After the epic battle between all the riders, it was revealed that the Orphnoch King was powerful enough to withstand the assault from the Kamen Riders. Arch Orphnoch barely survived & was mortally wounded, placed in a stasis tank under Smart Brain's secret facility by the only genetically stable Saeko. Because his fate was never determined, it's unknown will he ever return or remain dormant for eternity.


The Arch Orphnoch or Orphnoch King is of a special type who possesses the power to "complete" Orphnoch' evolution, removing all traces of humanity in the process while granting long life. Unlike others, the Orphnoch King can disintegrate them instantly.

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