Abby Carver
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Abby Carver is Madeleine's close friend and a civilian ally.

Character History

Abby and Madeleine were close friends from before she left on her monster hunt, and had encouraged it from the start. When she returned, Abby spotted her on the street--and the odd black blob on the back of her neck. Abby ripped it off, and it skittered away.

One visit to her editor later, Madeleine called her up, still thinking about the Taint that had almost gotten her, and came over to Abby's house. She showed her the videos she'd gotten, and after a brief discussion, Abby suggested they forget about it for the night and just have some fun. Madeleine agreed, and called her sister Jo on Abby's suggestion, just to let her know she was back and safe.

They all ended up meeting at 51, a local club, but their night out was interrupted by the Snapping Turtle Taint. Abby dragged Madeleine out of the club in the middle of the fight, and accompanied her and Versa to a small restaurant for the answers Madeleine wheedled out of the Kamen Rider.

Abby and her band, Blood Angels, had a gig that night at another club named Ground Zero, which she talked Madeleine into coming to. On the way, however, they got sidetracked by another Taint, and Abby eagerly joined Madeleine tracking it into the sewers. A fight broke out, which Altis managed to win once he'd arrived, but Madeleine was poisoned by the Komodo Dragon Taint's bite.

The Riders brought Madeleine and Abby back to a hotel room, where Abby refused to leave Madeleine's side or even sit down until her friend woke up. It took thirteen hours, but she succeeded. She sat through the others' explanations of Altis and the Taint, until another monster blew in the wall. Once again, Abby got Madeleine to safety (once the Riders had them out of the battlefield), grabbing a taxi and dropping her off at her sister's apartment. After that turned out badly (both Jo and her boyfriend had been turned into Taint), Abby took Madeleine in for a few days.


Abby is loud, outspoken and frank, very loyal to Madeleine but also always trying to push her, get her to live a little. The Taint don't seem to scare her, nor the Kamen Riders who fight them.


Abby is at least six feet tall, with black hair.

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