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Security Updates

Some of you may have noticed that my account was globally blocked this past week. I know that some of you might have been a little bit concerned as to what was up with that, so let me explain what happened:
Last Sunday (not this past Sunday but the week before), a handful of accounts had their passwords compromised and, unfortunately, I was one of them. If I had to guess, most of these accounts were admins of other wikis. I could tell because the previous day, either a different hacker or the same hacker hacked into the account of one of the admins of the FNaF (Five Night's at Freddy's) Wiki and nearly destroyed the entire Wiki, which caused his block by wikia. This also leads to believe that that was the reason for why these accounts were blocked (so that these hackers couldn't do damage to the wikis they admin for and to other wikis they edit).
Now, for those that might be a little worried right now, don't panic. Wikia is handling this situation and getting every account that was attacked accessible again. However, if you're really concerned, the best thing to do is to change you password to a stronger one, which is what I had to do.
As for us, we'll just keep moving forward like we always do, but we'll also be on our guard should another incident like this come up. If you find that you can't log in to Wikia (even though you are using the correct password), don't panic. Simply contact Wikia Support and they'll help you out.
That'll be it for now; thanks for reading.
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